Medical Transcription

Medical transcription remains a critical part of the clinical documentation process. At Accretion, we combine our deep experience of transcription, along with leading technology to deliver a solution that is both high performance and cost effective. Our solution focuses on the following key components.

We have a highly experienced team of trained medical transcriptionists and Quality Analysts assuring better than 99% accuracy. Dedicated, highly experienced account managers for each account who anticipate and understand our client's needs by working closely with the transcription team and management.

At Accretion, we want our employees to succeed, and strive to create a culture in which our workforce can learn and grow. We recognize that our most valuable asset is our human resources, and we continuously strive to attract, motivate, develop and retain high quality people. Being 24x365 operations, Accretion can provide you round-the-clock services with a turnaround of work as per your requirements. We are open even on holidays to provide uninterrupted and prompt services and support to our customers just as we do on any other day of the year.

All that you need to do is specify the TAT or any other service requirement and we guarantee the delivery of your work before the deadline. Audits are carried out time to time as part of the quality assurance program to ensure quality requirements are being met at all levels and across all processes. Account teams are normally kept constant to ensure consistency in the work delivered

Accretion has a sound, time-tested training program and highly trained and expert professionals which makes it possible for us to guarantee you an overall improvement in the quality of your process.

Medical Coding

Coding is a critical link between the Physician/ Hospital services and reimbursements. Our vast experience in this domain augments our understanding of the intricacies of medical coding and its implications on revenue recognition and on healthy cash flow. We have a team of highly qualified, experienced and AAPC/AHIMA certified coders who will service your coding requirements in compliance with the specified standards. Our commitment to quality begins with our coding team. Coders have specific experience in the coding types they are supporting. Our coding team is supported by seasoned supervisors and quality auditors.

Accretion offers hospitals a wide variety of services designed to help maximize workflow and revenue, while keeping you compliant. Accretion is ready to provide you with experienced, certified and credentialed coders to meet your needs. At Accretion, we understand the complex requirements our customers face and provide a solution that helps them achieve these competing goals.

Our flexible services are available weekdays, evenings, and weekends. Our coding professionals will integrate seamlessly with your department, without disruption or inconvenience to you and your staff. We're there for you for as long as you need our services.

ICD-10 Transition

One challenge that the entire healthcare industry is bound to face in the coming year is the conversion of ICD-9 to ICD-10 coding guidelines. The transition to ICD-10 is a comprehensive undertaking that impacts every facet of the billing business. It calls for significant modifications to clinical documentation, coding processes, and workflows. If it is not managed properly, the resulting productivity losses, claim denials, and impact on revenue could be devastating. Accretion is fully prepared for this transition so that our customers are well protected from the impact of the transition.

Data Analytics

We are experts in medical chart review studies for health economics and outcomes research, and our clients include the world's leading pharmaceutical, biotech companies and institutions in the US and global markets.